About Capoeira

Capoeira Angola: Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian mix of dance, fight, music, song, tradition, theatre and more.

Capoeira originated from West African tribal dances and developed in the context of slavery in Brazil. African slaves would train to fight for their freedom whilst disguising the movements as traditional dances. Nowadays people from all over the world, and from all different backgrounds practice capoeira, and it is an excellent way to keep fit, develop self-confidence and meet new friends.

Music, Tradition & Ritual: The game of capoeira is played in a circle or 'roda' to the sound of the 'bateria' (a sort of capoeira orchestra). A Capoeira Angola bateria has the following instruments: Berimbau (gunga, medio and viola), Pandeiro, Agogo, Reco-reco and Atabaque. The bateria plays the music and sing the songs which give rhythm and energy to the players.

Finding out more: We believe the best way to learn what capoeira is, is to experience it for yourself through Capoeira classes