About Yoga

Yoga is the practice of integrating the different elements of our being: our physical body, our awareness and our energy or vitality. Through our practice, we learn to be in and enjoy being in the present moment.

Listen to your body first: Practising Yoga is a constant journey of discovery and in particular self- discovery. It is very important when practising yoga to focus in on your own body, breath and mind, and not to try to force yourself into doing exactly the same posture as someone else in the class - their body will be different to yours and this means that the postures you can achieve (and which your body requires) will be different too. In yoga you should ease into the postures with control, feeling the stretches, but without causing pain. Developing an ability to do this and listening to your own body so you can find the positions and movements which are right for you is one of the aspects which distinguishes yoga from competitive forms of physical exercise.

Benefits of Yoga: In terms of the physical benefits, regular yoga practice will improve your body's strength, flexibility and vitality. As well as these more obvious benefits, you will also learn how to listen to your body's natural rhythms, developing an awareness and deeper understanding of your mind and the energy flowing through you. Regular practice can allow you to feel more comfortable with yourself, which in turn can lead to improvements in your enjoyment and experiences of life in general.

Finding out more: We believe the best way to learn what yoga is, is to experience it for yourself through Yoga Classes