Yoga Classes

Weekly Zen Yoga Classes

Tuesdays 9:30-10:30am (Spring term 9th January - 27th March)

@ All Saints Church House Upper Hall, 39-41 New High Street, Headington OX3 7AL

£5 per class or £50 per term

For more details about these classes or to join our yoga mailing list, please call or email Chris on 07521298488 /

Monthly 'Developing a Sponaneous Yoga Practice' workshops

Yoga is the union or connection between body, breath and mind in the present moment. In this session we will learn how to listen to the wisdom of our bodies and respond accordingly to create our own authentic Yoga practice. This will be in a similar format to Renga or Jigsaw Yoga where we take it in turns to share or express our Yoga and learn together. The key question which guides us is 'What would be beneficial for me right now?' or 'What does my body want to do right now?' The intention is to give you the tools to begin or develop a spontaneous practice of your own. This workshop is suitable for all levels of yoga experience from current teachers to complete beginners.

The first workshop is Friday 2nd March 2018 5:00-6:15pm @ All Saints Church House Main Hall, 39-41 New High Street, Headington OX3 7AL. Suggested contribution is £5 to cover hall costs

Ideas for practising yoga at home

It's good to complement the work you do in Yoga class by developing your own practice at home - here are some ideas to get you started:

Zenways YouTube channel - Free Yoga and Meditation videos by Zenways

Zenways Shop - You can buy Zen Yoga full length class videos or other materials for self study here

Spontaneous Yoga - my favourite practice & perhaps the truest form of Yoga - simply get out your Yoga mat, and follow your own body's intuition, adapting your movements and postures to what your body is asking for. When your awareness is centred on the body, its energy and requirements, it is naturally drawn into the present moment. If you are stuck for ideas on how to get started, or are having difficulty with this practice, please come to one of our monthly workshops (see 'Developing a Sponaneous Yoga Practice' section above)

Other resources - if you prefer a more structured approach, then there are plenty of Yoga books and YouTube videos out there. I have enjoyed practising with Richard Hittleman's 'Yoga 28-Day Exercise Plan' (very good for beginners) as well as Dagmar Spremberg's YouTube videos (intermediate Vinyasa style)

Private Yoga Classes: If you cannot attend the normal class schedule or you would prefer to have private yoga classes, please contact Chris on / 07521298488